Elan (M100) Pre-purchase Inspection


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The front of the Chassis.

It needs a good cleaning, but no accident damage and very little rust.

The "No Jack" sticker seems to have been ignored a couple of times.

The front of the Chassis- a little further back from the above photo.

The Intercooler is on the left.

The Radiator in the center.

Another view of the Intercooler.

The right side of the front.

The new A/C Compressor and Belt are just visible to the right of the Engine Sump.

A scrape under the nose.

A lot of road grime, but functioning.

A better view of the new A/C Compressor.

The Suspension Bushings, Ball Joints, CV Joints, Brake Calipers and Rotors seemed in good condition (The oil on the CV Boot came from somewhere else; I did not find a hole or tear).

New Anti-roll Bar Links are on order.

The rear of the Chassis.

No Body or Chassis damage.

A new Exhaust pipe.

The Engine Compartment needs a good cleaning (a reoccurring theme).

The Timing Belt is difficult to access. It should be replaced soon just for safety's sake.

A crowded Engine Compartment.

Everything here in about the same condition as the rest of the car.

A good view of the salt deposits.

A benefit of taking lots of photos - I didn't notice the paint over-spray on the rubber bumper while I was there! There doesn't seem to be any accident damage, but a re-spray is a possibility. Maybe just the front? There isn't a "seam" noticeable in the Engine Compartment.

The worst spot: the driver's outside bolster.
The Door Panels are in good condition except for the leather inserts. They need re-gluing.
All of the plastic Dash and Console are in good condition. The leather Seats are in fair condition. The carpets need a good cleaning or replacing.

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