UJE Designed Manifold for Zenith-Stromberg 175CDs


There is no need to install a Miata headlight motor.

The Lotus Headlight Vacuum System will work properly after restoring the vacuum valve and sealing the tubing connections with Hylomar.

This Elan was last driven one week before this test!
I opened the valve and then closed it.
The lights stayed down for the rest of the day.
(Slow load; wait for the second cycle)

Some Past Projects

Europa TC Special - Chassis Restoration

Turbo Esprit - Total Restoration

Elan S4 Restoration - Assisting Owner

1967 Elan S3 Restoration - Assisting Owner

CNC Milling Machine Modifications

1988 Esprit Turbo

Turbo Esprit HCi - Repairs

Turbo Esprit - New Head Gasket

Elan - New Top and Windscreen Gasket

Turbo Esprit - New Radiator and Fan Cowl Repair

M100 Elan - Pre-Purchase Inspection

Jaguar E-Type - Assisted Owner with Total Restoration


Don's 1969 Elan S4

New Engine - Shortblock

New Engine - Cylinder Head

Oil Cooler, Radiator Fans and Exhaust Pipe

Wire Harness Restoration


Those who play with their toys the most win.
Is your Lotus ready to play?


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