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FFI Crankshaft for 1600cc Formula Ford.

After market bolts strengthen the bottom end.

Special Pistons with a shorter compression height to compensate for the stroke increase. 1700cc total displacement. Compression ratio now 10.5:1.

A Crankshaft Scraper to help the oil back into the Sump. Bought to fit a FF1600, but the Lotus Rods are different and required many hours of adjusting.

A UJE fabricated Oil Pickup in the center of the Sump. The bolt on the Oil Inlet Pipe ensures that the pipe will not fallout of the Block.

New Baffles to keep the oil in the Sump.

Dave Bean recommends blocking the clogged filter bypass in the Oil Pump. The filter has one so this one is redundant. A stronger pressure relief spring was substituted (~50 psi).

The Oil Cooler Adapter needed a little adjusting to fit the Kent Block.
A Temperature Sensor monitors the oil leaving the Block.
A Pressure Plate from a 907 Engine. It requires a special Clutch Bearing and Holder. The Disk is 8.5" in diameter.
Good advice indeed.

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