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The Oil Adapter Plate bolts to Oil Pump. The Oil Filter spins onto the Adapter. A snug but comfortable fit.

The Oil Cooler sits in front of Radiator. Getting crowded!

A frame to hold the Fans was fabricated from steel tubing.

The Fans are supported in front of the Radiator, but do not touch the Radiator Core.

A new fitting added to Radiator top tank for the Thermoswitch. An 82° Water Thermostat and a 95° ON - 85° OFF Thermoswitch work well together.

The British wires look good, although the Bullets and Sleeves are a bit of a bother to use.

A hole was drilled in the Exhaust Pipe to accommodate a Bung for a Lambda Sensor. The Bung was streamlined where it intrudes into the exhaust flow.
Ready for Brazing.
Finished and capped. The Sensor will be installed to tune the Carburettors.
The Header Flange welds were very uneven. I was tired of the noise so I cut them to seal against the gaskets.
An "S' - Bend allows the Exhaust Pipe to follow the under side of the Body thereby "tucking" the Muffler up and away from the ground.
The finished "S" - Bend. This connects to a 24" long, 1.75" i.d. SuperTrapp Muffler.

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