UJE Design


Manifold to replace the Emissions Secondary Throttle Body


Includes modifications to the Carburetters and a fabricated Air Box.
Therefore for installation at UJE's shop only (for now).


A large port between the two carburetters allows all four cylinders to draw from both.
This enhances low and mid-range torque; just what is needed on the street.

The concept is from David Vizard's "Tuning BL's A Series Engine"

linkedin - David Vizard


The factory o-ring and Thackery washers are still used.

The inside of the carburetter is ported to improve flow.

Also, a different mixture needle is installed.


A fabricated aluminium air box provides clean, cool air using the original trunking.

Either an aftermarket or the original, but modified, air cleaner can be used.

According to David Vizard's testing, the ram pipes increase flow by 5%!


The inside view.


Provision for the throttle cable and vacuum are on the back.



Another view of the modifications.

Replacing the Federal emissions manifold and mildly
modifying the carburetters solves the power problem on
Zenith Stromberg equipped Lotus Twin Cam engines.


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